Welcome to KifubonBooks to inspire self-awareness and create hope.

Kifubon is an international social responsibility movement which gives books to social projects to inspire storytelling, reading, reflection and sharing, such that these create self awareness and hope for people.

How it works

People nominate and gift books to local projects where they will be used to tell stories and readers share their reflections of what they read. This site signposts you different projects around the world, where you can join in and support local initiatives.


Kifubon means “book distribution” in Japanese. To share books. It was started by Mr. Yutaka Kinoshita, of Bunya Publishing in Japan. Now it’s a worldwide project.

“We at Bunya created the Kifubon project as a means to share wisdom and help individuals and humanity rediscover our empathy and compassion. When enough of us as individuals start practising compassion and then empathy in our hearts and minds, it will surely benefit humanity as a whole.”

Mr. Yutaka Kinoshita 木下 豊 President Bunya Publishing Corporation


Kifubon’s focus is to provide materials to projects that inspire reading, storytelling, reflection and sharing for social benefit. Reading helps us connect: to ourselves and to our own humanity, then to more peaceful coexistence and, ultimately, to more compassionate actions in society.
Kifubon also supports arts and cultural activities aligned to the Kifubon values. Not just writing and illustration: actors, poets, musicians, comic writers, and other artists who inspire participation in storytelling and sharing stories.

Values and actions

Whether it’s an arts project, a reading group, or simply sharing a book to read, Kifubon promotes the following values and actions:

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Kifubon was inspired by the author Prem Rawat, also known as the international speaker and ‘Ambassador for Peace’.

“My commitment is to peace. In my travels around the world, I’ve experienced a lot of things — the most baffling of which is people’s explanation of why there can’t be peace. People focus on the symptoms, but not the disease. My efforts are focused on eliminating the disease — which is, fundamentally, people not being in touch with themselves, not knowing who they are. If we don’t take care of the disease, the symptoms will never go away. And we all know what the symptoms look like: greed, war, selfishness, violence, and an increasing loss of trust. Peace is a real thing. Peace resides in the heart of every human being. Peace has to emanate from each of us.”
Prem Rawat

Prem’s books are just the beginning.  If you can recommend a book that inspires peace, hope or any of the values and actions which the Kifubon movement supports, get in touch, telling us the book title and author.

The Stonecutter

Stonecutter by Prem Rawat

When the Desert Blooms - Portugese

Splitting the Arrow/Teer Ka Lakshya - Hindi

The Parrots who knew everything, and nothing (German)

The Pot with the Hole

read, share, start a movement of hope...

read, share...

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