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author Prem Rawat with the story tellers

Story-telling – Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Oct 18

What started out as a small-time storytelling competition among primary and lower secondary school students in June 2018, went on to become a hit as 28 students vied for the “Champion Storyteller” title on Oct 27.

Students from more than 160 schools had participated in the Storytelling Competition organised by Navagon Digital Sdn Bhd in partnership with Kifubon Malaysia to promote its books and the culture of reading books with valuable lessons.

“We started small and with the hope that students will take up the challenge, but what we did not expect was the very encouraging response with a good number of students participating and excelling in their story-telling ability,” said Vijaya Kunaseharan, business development manager with Navagon, and also the project manager of Kifubon Malaysia.

Navagon, a distributor of educational aid and the Malaysian representative of Kifubon International, was inspired by the Kifubon concept in coming up with the competition.

“A total of 500 students from 160 schools in Selangor, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak and Johor participated in the competition, with both teachers and parents encouraging them all the way,” she said.

Apart from encouraging the students to tell the stories on stage with confidence and enjoying it, the competition also unearthed an amazing number of talented young storytellers.

Many of these youngsters were not only able to retell the stories in the book ‘Splitting The Arrow – The Business of Life’ authored by world-renowned Global Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat, in their own words, but they were able to explain the valuable lessons of the short stories.

Follow the story at Kifubon Malaysia.


Presentation of Kifubon Project in Ecocentro

To introduce the Kifubon Project in Spain, as well as a story reading, Mar de Bock, danced a piece of lyrics with veils inspired in the message and professional singers Patricia and Adrián del Olmo sang 3 pieces. 

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