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Here in Japan the days are growing longer and the farmers are preparing their rice fields for the coming season.

Bunya publishing regularly receives letters of appreciation from readers of both Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole and just this week we received a rather special phone call from a teacher representing a private high school in Tokyo.

She had come across the Japanese version of Splitting the Arrow in a book store and was deeply touched by it. Since she is an English teacher she decided to order the English version and enjoyed it even more.

She proposed to her English department that the book be included in their curriculum as an ideal book for studying English as a second language and to learn about life, empathy and compassion.

The other teachers unanimously agreed and from the summer of 2017 all of the second year students will receive a copy and study Splitting the Arrow from cover to cover followed by group discussions. Finally they will compose an essay about the book.

In the Autumn of 2017 the school hopes to host a live event with Prem so the students can learn from him directly and have a question and answer session.

We at Bunya feel this is a landmark achievement for the book and we sincerely hope that more schools and universities will follow suit so that the next generation can fully understand their own role as individuals in establishing a more peaceful compassionate society.

Both Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole are available on Amazon through most of Europe and the USA.

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Yutaka Kinoshita

President Bunya Publishing

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