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Over 140 copies of ‘Splitting the Arrow’ have been donated to UK prison libraries, thanks to the generosity of book donors. As a result librarians and reading groups have expressed interest in finding out more.

Dear Yutaka …
On behalf of the Governor I would like to express my thanks for gifting the above names book which we will display in our library. Here at HMP Littlehey we have two libraries, also we have a creative writing course and I am sure the teacher would love to use this book as part of their course. A fantastic read, thank you!
Learning and Skills Manager, HMP Littlehey

Enpukuji orphanage, Japan

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for sending Splitting the Arrow to our orphanage. We currently care for 52 children and young adults between the ages of 1~18. Upon reading this wonderful book all the staff were agreed, that this was an ideal book to help nurture positive growth within the children and indeed amongst the staff as well.

We read sections of the book before bed and each child has their own favourite story. The hedgehog character is also a big hit with the kids. Many nights the kids themselves will take Splitting the Arrow from the shelf and demand that we read it to them.

From Canada

“Splitting the Arrow is powerful. The inner work is imperative.  This book is a book that can create miracles for every day. We see something inside ourselves and name it so to help us change. We are the everyday miracles. Deep thanks.”   

Judith Mathieson, Spiritual Mentor and Activist

From a Japanese prison

In a major prison in eastern Japan two books were donated through the Kifubon project. The warden contacted Bunya publishing and said,

‘We feel that this is an ideal book for helping our inmates rehabilitate back into society and for the prison guards as well.’


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