Harold the Hedgehog

Have you met Harold?

He’s our logo and mascot.

He first appeared as a black and white drawing in Splitting the Arrow, published 2015 by Bunya, Japan. In 2016 he burst into colour on the pages of Pot With the Hole, also published by Bunya.

Harold was created by Aya Shiroi, a well-known and prizewinning Japanese illustrator and animator. He is cute and friendly and will appear wherever you see the Kifubon project.

Harold was named by Sen, the Editor’s son, who clearly approves of his Dad’s work on these books, which were written by Prem Rawat.

Did you know that the hedgehog has symbolic value for many cultures?

In Central Asia and parts of Iran it has associations with energy, vitality and fertility.

For the Greeks and Romans it represented intelligence, as well as intuition, protection, uniqueness and resourcefulness.

Native European tribes saw the hedgehog as a symbol of victory because of their unique resistance to snake venom.

International Hedgehog day is the 2nd February each year – so that’s when we’ll be celebrating Harold’s birthday.

They are calm, cool and collected in the face of adversity and teach us that we are capable of doing the same, no matter how small, powerless, and insignificant we may feel.

That’s our Harold!

And it’s the story of one of the Kifubon books, Pot With The Hole – that no matter how damaged, insignificant or worthless we think we are, we actually have a great deal of worth and a huge contribution to make to life.

So Harold is a symbol of the essence of the message contained within the Kifubon – Giving Books projects: that just because we are human, and alive, we are full of wonderful potential.

Lesley, Norman, Anne Marie

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