About the Author: Prem Rawat and Illustrator: Aya Shiroi

Author: Prem Rawat








Author: Prem Rawat


Illustrator: Aya Shiroi


Illustrator:Aya Shiroi

Prem Rawat is an internationally renowned speaker and author who presents a fascinating and practical perspective.

Prem sees human happiness as not just a possibility but a critical need for everyone. Without it, however good we become in business, however apparently successful we become in our careers, we will remain unfulfilled.

What we are now seeing in the world says Prem is the result of the lack of human contentment, including wars, environmental destruction, greed, violence and social ills, all of which can be avoided provided humanity is in touch with itself.

The honorary title “Ambassador of Peace” has been granted to Prem Rawat by a number of governmental and academic institutions because of his ability to inspire global audiences.

He receives hundreds of invitations every year to speak internationally. These include prestigious forums like the European Parliament, United Nations, UK, Australian, Italian Parliaments and universities including Harvard, Oxford, California, IIT Delhi and ISB Hyderabad etc.

He has also spoken at many prisons to help improve the quality of life for inmates and reduce re-offending.

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Aya Shiroi

Born in Tokyo and studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music design, Aya Shiroi illustrates music videos and illustrations for children's animations and bindings. 
She has illustrated Prem Rawat’s books ‘Splitting the Arrow’ and ‘The Pot with the Hole’

More information at www.shiroi-aya.com

Reader Feedback

During an event in Fukushima, Japan, 8 children shared their impressions of the book with the audience. Here’s one reader's feedback:

“I was touched by the fact that you lost your father at the age of 8, about my age, yet you had the courage to take on the responsibility of spreading this message about the importance of having a peaceful heart”

The Titles

Splitting the Arrow

The Pot with the Hole