Dear Friends,

The Pot with the Hole

Recognition of The Pot with the Hole as an educational tool
and a special Kifubon: giving books opportunity

Every year in Japan the main libraries in each city choose a selection of books that they feel convey a valuable educational message. This selection is sent to all the schools in the region and the books are purchased by each school library from their yearly budget.

We are proud to announce that the illustrated book The Pot with the Hole has been selected by the city of Nagoya and will be stocked by over 300 school libraries throughout the city.

Kifubon reading group flyerA Grand Day Out 

Kifubon reading group at HMP Littlehey

On a bright and sunny morning last week, my partner and I set off for HMP Littlehey to hold our first reading group session in the prison library. This came about directly as a result of placing donated copies of Splitting The Arrow in all UK prisons last year.

HMP Littlehey was the first to write back, with feedback, which resulted in an opportunity to facilitate three sessions of the prison’s reading club, looking at the two books by Prem Rawat: Pot With the Hole and Splitting The Arrow.

This was a first in so many ways...

Dear Friends,

Here in Japan the days are growing longer and the farmers are preparing their rice fields for the coming season.paddy fields in Japan

Bunya publishing regularly receives letters of appreciation from readers of both Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole and just this week we received a rather special phone call from a teacher representing a private high school in Tokyo.

She had come across the Japanese version of Splitting the Arrow in a book store and was deeply touched by it. Since she is an English teacher she decided to order the English version and enjoyed it even more.

Harold the Hedgehog

Have you met Harold?

He’s our logo and mascot.

Harold the Hedgehog

He first appeared as a black and white drawing in Splitting the Arrow, published 2015 by Bunya, Japan. In 2016 he burst into colour on the pages of Pot With the Hole, also published by Bunya.

Harold was created by Aya Shiroi, a well-known and prizewinning Japanese illustrator and animator. He is cute and friendly and will appear wherever you see the Kifubon project.