Book Sharing Projects

Kifubon - Japan

Fukushima Book Sharing – The Pot with the Hole

The Kifubon book donation event in Fukushima, was organised by Bunya Publishing and The Wamon Foundation, whose founder, Mr Yabuhara, teaches Wamon, the Japanese art of deep listening.

The students of three elementary schools and their parents came together in a school gym to listen to Prem and enjoy a special reading of The Pot with the Hole in Japanese and English. Some of the children attending were displaced by the 2011 Tsunami and nuclear disaster. They may never be able to return to their homes.

The children gave their impressions of the book and asked Prem questions:

reader feedback in Japan   Prem responded with his unique blend of humour and wisdom.
Author's delighted response!   At the end of the event a surprise announcement was made that all the children were to receive a copy of the illustrated book as part of the Kifubon project. They cheered with delight!
Author giving book to reader This handing out of the books concluded a wonderful event and through the media present over 650,000 people in Japan were able to hear about it.

UK - Kifubon: Giving Books

Prison Libraries

In August 2016 Splitting the Arrow was sent to all UK prisons.  The Kifubon team then follow up with each prison to check that the book arrived safely and how the book is used.  Where the book is used in a reading group, for example, feedback is requested.  Librarians are also offered promotional materials (see examples here) including bookmarks, posters and flyers.

Reading Group: HMP Littlehey

Our first reading group pilot!  Participants reflect on the Splitting the Arrow topics such as - 

  • Finding your niche in the world
  • Choice
  • Self-acceptance

The sessions have been well-received with 38 participants and 6 staff visitors in each.  Participants report the ability to share their deeper thoughts and feelings.  Some have reported noticing a change in their thoughts and attitudes after the sessions - which have the potential to lead to change in future behaviours.

Book at Bedtime


Based in North Wales, Book at Bedtime is a charity providing a bookcase full of children's books as well as 'family change' books to all family refuges in the UK.  Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole will be part of the Family Change set of books.  The Family Change books enable play workers to work one-to-one with the children to help them deal with their emotions and the difficult situations they are in.  To date Book at Bedtime have taken 40 of each title and this is an ongoing project: we will continue to support their requests for more books as they arise.

English Library in Gaza


"The library aims at establishing an atmosphere that connects Gazans who have been under long-term siege with their iintellectual counterparts all over the world in an attempt to build bridges between cultures and races."

Four books have been sent to the library as a pilot, with more to follow.

Your UK Project Ideas

If you have a UK project idea that you'd like the Kifubon: Giving Books team to support, there are two ways to do this.

For national projects: send us a message through our Contact Us page and tell us how we might support a worthy cause.

For local projects: how about setting up your own 'Kifubon' project?  Just get a copy of the book you want to donate and give it to your local cause or group!  It's that simple.  Oh- and do get in touch and tell us what you're doing - we'd love to share great ideas.  See the blog page for examples.

Promotional Materials

We have some lovely promotional materials which can help you - there are Starter Packs for Splitting the Arrow and for The Pot with the Hole