How you can support Kifubon: Giving Books projects

The Kifubon project relies on people like you donating a book to a Kifubon: Giving Books project.  See our Projects page for examples of projects in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Future projects

The team is currently looking at the viability of other projects, to which we can donate books. We welcome your ideas.  We support social and humanitarian projects - where the books can benefit young people and adults in need of emotional support, inspiration and mental stimulation.  

Write to us with your ideas using the Contact Us page.  We will follow up on all suggestions and keep you in touch.

The Pot with the Hole

Local projects

You can also support the Kifubon: Giving Books project by doing something locally.  Examples of possibilities are:

  • Asking a local reading group if they would like a talk or presentation on Kifubon
  • Facilitating a reading group session with a book reading and discussion of Splitting the Arrow
  • Placing copies of the book in local community cafes, libraries, hairdressers, doctors' surgeries

Promotional Materials

You can now help projects by buying some great promotional materials to support local and national projects.  Go to this site to choose your materials and get them sent to you direct.

Support and Guidelines

If you want a copy of our Reading Group Guidelines, or want to discuss your ideas, or want to know about how you get permission for public settings, get in touch via the Contact Us page.

What difference does a book make?

These books are stories of hope, encouraging feelings of empathy and compassion. Imagine the difference that will make to a child’s life – helping them to sleep better at night. Or to a parent feeling calmer, knowing that their children feel safer. Or to a prison inmate, feeling that there is a better way to live.

Your generosity can make this possible.

How it works

We believe that, by working together, we can have an amazing collective impact. Here’s how the Kifubon project works.

The Kifubon team identifies projects and sends the books to the project, with a letter from the Bunya Publisher, Mr. Kinoshita.

The letter asks for feedback from the projects receiving the books.

Team members will follow-up to see how the books have been used and what impact they have had. We will share this with you through the ‘feedback’ page.

How to gift a book

Choose the book, or books, you want to gift and ‘buy’ them in the normal way through paypal or credit card. You will receive a confirmation of your gift and, if you wish, we can keep you in touch with Kifubon projects. You can unsubscribe at any time

Our privacy policy 

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Questions about the Kifubon project?

FAQs in pdf format – to follow

Get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Thank you for your support for the Kifubon projects