North AmericaBooks to inspire self-awareness and create hope.

Book giving projects are common in North America and people work across the country boundaries to share books with a message for the heart.


The Canadian Kifubon Project has shifted focus from donating to Corrections Facilities on to community groups like women’s shelters, literacy programs, counselling services, addictions programs and individuals in need.

To follow the Ottawa/Gatineau ‘Peace is Possible’ group on facebook, click here.


More details to follow

United States

Volunteers have been getting copies of Splitting the Arrow in hard- and soft-back from Japan since May of 2017.

700 books have been donated and sent to a number of prisons across the country. In one “Peace Education” class at the Osceola County Corrections Department a volunteer reads aloud excerpts from the book.

The volunteer team are working with colleagues in Canada to share this approach.

Other projects underway include a pledge to donate books to “Read to Learn”, for underprivileged children in the Miami area. They expect that the children and family members will read the books with an estimated 450 people being reached.

Splitting the Arrow will be donated to orphanages, schools, hospitals, shelters and similar facilities to reach people In Cincinnati, Florida and Asheville.

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