Dear Friends,

Recognition of The Pot with the Hole as an educational tool
and a special Kifubon: giving books opportunity

Every year in Japan the main libraries in each city choose a selection of books that they feel convey a valuable educational message. This selection is sent to all the schools in the region and the books are purchased by each school library from their yearly budget.

We are proud to announce that the illustrated book The Pot with the Hole has been selected by the city of Nagoya and will be stocked by over 300 school libraries throughout the city.

This continues the strong momentum the books are now gaining in the educational community, being used in classes in nurseries, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and universities.

The Kifubon project is now growing steadily throughout the world. Bunya has received several requests for paper back books to be donated within the USA, because hard cover books are not allowed into correctional facilities for safety reasons.

How you can help – a special Kifubon: giving books print run

We warmly invite you to contribute to a special print run of paperback copies of Splitting the Arrow, that will be pressed specifically for the USA Kifubon project.

You can contribute one or more books at our website below. Please note that we do not have an option for the paperback books on our site, but all Kifubon donations received in the next four weeks will be used to print the paperback books for the USA Kifubon. 


Yutaka Kinoshita

President Bunya Publishing

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