Fukushima, Japan, Book Sharing – The Pot with the Hole

The Kifubon book donation event in Fukushima, was organised by Bunya Publishing and The Wamon Foundation, whose founder, Mr Yabuhara, teaches Wamon, the Japanese art of deep listening.  The author of ‘The Pot with the Hole’, Prem Rawat, was invited to speak to the students of three elementary schools and their parents.  Some of the children attending were displaced by the 2011 Tsunami and nuclear disaster. They may never be able to return to their homes.

The children gave their impressions of the book and asked Prem questions:

Prem responded with a blend of humour and wisdom.

All the children received a copy of the illustrated book as part of the Kifubon project. They cheered with delight!

This handing out of the books concluded a wonderful event.

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