Books for the Heart

I’m finding that people really love to have their hearts touched and the book is a wonderful tool to do just that. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an apparently simple story about self worth – Pot With the Hole, by Prem Rawat or a complex piece of fiction, there are some books which make us laugh, weep, smile and reflect all at the same time.

My favourite book, which touched my heart recently, is a Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

It is the story about an apparently unlikeable grumpy old man. To start with you will think he is one of the grumpiest men around. He considers everyone, apart from himself to be complete incompetent idiots. But as the story unfolds you find that underneath his apparent grumpiness, he has a heart of gold; even if he won’t even admit it to himself! By the end even though he is a fictional character all you want to do is give Ove a big hug and celebrate his humanity.

So, being involved in the Kifubon project, I started thinking – everyone loves to have their heart touched, not just to be entertained but to be given a catalyst to go to a different place in their own being.  People love books that do this (you only have to read the reviews of A Man Called Ove).

So I started asking friends and family, “What is the one book in your life that touched your heart and why?”

I am getting some beautiful responses.

For instance my acupuncturist said his favourite book of all time was, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, (by Ken Kesey) because of the way the light tries to shine out from the central character despite all the darkness that seems to surround him.

His eyes lit up as he was talking about it, it was quite a moment. So it appears that it’s not so much about the books but about the person, how important it is to them to have their heart touched.

On that note, I’m hoping that Books for the Heart can become solidified,that the Kifubon:Giving Books project can be one vehicle for the heart’s enjoyment.

Books are so much more than a story or a collection of stories.


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